Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. What is the criteria for the Singtel Innov8 Connect programme?

We welcome start-ups with innovative products and services to apply. To be eligible for the programme, your start-up should be a legally incorporated entity, with product(s) or service(s) that are ready to be launched within six months.

Q2. What are the benefits of the Singtel Innov8 Connect programme?

Through this programme, you will have the opportunity to test drive your products and solutions with Singtel Group and leverage Singtel Innov8’s global partnerships and extensive connections in Southeast Asia. This will enable you to access more markets and gain valuable exposure, which can fuel your business growth. The programme will also open the door to future collaboration opportunities with Singtel’s operating businesses.

By participating in this programme, you’ll be playing a leading role in solving real-world issues faced by consumers and businesses.

Q3. Can two start-ups submit a joint proposal for one project brief?

Yes, we welcome collaborations between start-ups. However, one start-up needs to lead the project brief submission.

Q4. Can an individual apply for the programme ?

No, you must be part of a legally incorporated entity to participate in the programme.

Q5. Are there any restrictions on the geographical region in which my start-up operates?

There are no restrictions on the locality of your start-up. As long as your business meets the eligibility criteria, you are welcome to apply for the programme.

Q6. My start-up has been shortlisted. Does this mean that Singtel Innov8 will be investing in my business?

At Singtel Innov8 Connect, our mission is to foster deeper engagements between Singtel Group and global start-up communities.

If your start-up is shortlisted, you will get the opportunity to collaborate with Singtel Group on various projects through proof-of-concept exercises and receive a project funding of up to S$75,000 with no equity exchange.

Equity funding or other investment opportunities will be explored and evaluated separately. Please visit for more details.

Q7. Will I/we retain our Intellectual Property rights?

You will retain ownership of all your IP included in your application and participation in the programme. By participating in the programme, you provide a license to us to

(1) use your IP as may be required in our evaluation during the programme and

(2) to use your name, logos, trade marks and a [brief] description of you and your solution as part of publicity we may carry out for the programme.

If your solution is shortlisted to be developed at the Proof of Concept stage, you will need to enter into a new agreement covering the Proof of Concept stage and any further collaboration with us. Please refer to Clause 5 – Intellectual Property in Innov8 Connect’s Terms & Conditions.

Application Process

Q1. What is the application process like?

Start-ups with relevant innovative technology or solutions are invited to submit their applications through the Singtel Innov8 Connect website. Shortlisted start-ups will then showcase and pitch their solutions to Singtel Innov8 and Singtel Group’s operating businesses. They will also be required to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Singtel Group.

Q2. What is the closing date for submitting an application for each project brief?

The submission deadline for each project brief is listed on their individual pages (Do note that the deadline is at 11.59pm Singapore time). Please ensure that your application forms are accurately filled and submitted before the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Q3. What information is required to apply for each project brief?

The key objective of the application form is to provide us with an in-depth understanding of your start-up, including your team profile and how your solutions fit the project requirements. The details of your start-up will allow us to assess if your business is a good fit for solving the project brief.

You are not obliged to reveal proprietary technologies or confidential information as part of your application.

Q4. Are we required to submit a business plan with our application?

No, there is no need for an elaborate business plan.

Q5. I have left out some information in my first application. Can I resubmit my application?

All submissions made are considered final. We encourage all applicants to check that the required information has been included in the application form before submitting it.

Q6. Do I have to present my business pitch in person?

Shortlisted start-ups are encouraged to pitch in person. However, you can also arrange to pitch via a video conference.


Q1. How long does each project last?

The typical duration for each project is 12 weeks. However, the exact duration of each project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and adjusted accordingly.

Q2. What information is required under the "Resource Commitment" field in the application form?

This field requires information on how you intend to support the project and allocate your resources (i.e. manpower and headcount) if your submission is selected. We also encourage start-ups to provide a point of contact to liaise with Singtel’s project teams and a domain expert to support the project.

Q3. How will the project be evaluated?

Singtel Group will engage with the selected start-ups to jointly determine the milestones and objectives for each project. Evaluation will be made on how well each start-up meets the project milestones and objectives.

Q4. What can I expect at the end of the project?

Singtel Group is not obliged to engage with any of the start-ups at the end of the project. However, we hope that successful projects will spur collaboration opportunities with the Singtel Group and our partners both in Asia and the rest of the world.